12 APR 2024

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Starring: Arulnithi, Avantika Mishra, Karau palanaiappan,Vijay Kumar Rajendran

Directed & Written by: Vijay Kumar Rajendran

Produced by: Aravind Singh

Cinematography :   Aravinnd Singh

Release date: July 1 2022 (India)

Language: Tamil

Production company: MNM films

Runtime: 2 hours 14 minutes


DBlock is a 2022 Indian Tamil language and comes in the action thriller film under  MNM films banner and presented by Skathi film factory. The film received positive responses and was commercial success in its box office. A gripping thriller with the right chills. The story starts with the death of the AKR ENGINEERING COLEGE  student and just to save the name of college the college manipulates the death as an attack of wild animals. The mystery behind the death was cracked by Arul and his friends and they try to find the motive behind killings and soon they find out the psycho killer is the main link of the death. Actually, the directed potrated it as a horror but it doesn’t have any supernatural elements. It received a tremendous response from the audience and a commercial hit



ROCKETRY The Nambi Effect



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