21 MAY 2024

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Film Daze

Occupation: Media Tweeter

Started: Jan 2018

First Post Date: Jan 2018

Location: America


Uplifting the unheard and underrepresented voices of the film community. Read exclusive essays and support us: http://filmdaze.substack.com


Film Daze is an independent publication and media outlet that provides a platform for the unheard, and underrepresented voices of the film community. Voicing their perspectives on visual media (both film and TV), they seek to challenge the reader’s expectations of what media can convey – past and present. The visual medium elicits strong emotions, and their community of young, diverse writers embraces this climate in sharing with us their passion and unique perspectives on what makes this medium so important to us all. Most of their staff and guest writers are either full-time students or work full time that write about film and television simple because of their love and obsession for the craft. For some reason , they are theirs first major byline outside of their own personal website/blog, and for others, they are the first site to offer them pay. By accepting their pitches, editing their pieces, and giving our thoughtful feedback they become the writers’ biggest fans and witness firsthand the experiences of a writer who wishes to share their thoughts with the world. They joined twitter on Jan 2018 and the twitter handle is having a followers of 64.4k and 28.5k tweets .

IpediyA is an monolingual modern human encyclopedia which derived its origin from Tamil language. On 14th Jan 2022 launched by K.L. Vidyasagar from Tamil nadu , India . It is well known for the content it provides about the Tweeters ,Instagramers , Politicians , Youtubers,Cinema and pedia (pedia = encyclopedia). It cultivated a domain that can be freely shared and accessed by anyone anywhere. Content can be freely modified by registered users. The admin will examine the edited content, and only after his/her approval will the changes be visible. You name it IpediyA will have it


In essence, IpediyA is a human encyclopedia built on the internet in the form of a collaborative effort by individuals to compile a database of the world's most phenomenal public figures and gorgeous locations. The site's framework enables registered users to edit the content. The information on IpediyA is useful and accurate, but it should be noted that nothing on this site has been reviewed by professionals to ensure you receive accurate, precise, and unbiased information. IpediyA cannot guarantee that the data it offers is accurate.

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