21 MAY 2024

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Prashanth Rangaswamy

Occupation: Actor, Youtuber,Influencer

Started: July 2009

First Post Date: July 2009

Location: Chennai born on April 29


Survive to Thrive ! 


Entertainment & Recreation


Prasanth Ramaswamy is an actor and youtuber from India who was born on 28 April 1983 in Chennai,Tamil nadu. He did his schooling in Tirupur and completed his graduation in Satyabhama institute ofscience and technology college, Chennai. In beginning he started his career as a customer support agentin McAfee with that he also worked in various positions. He started some YouTube channels Namedpacha Studio, Kekran Mekran, vendhan all pass tutorial. He has worked in kollywood entertainmentindustry and his art work has been released in Tamil, Telegu and Hindi language movies. He has a uniquestyle and standard of making a review and he has interviewed many popluar starts. He made his acting debut through Siraj’s Ganapathy Iyer  movie.

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